What Do We Do ?

Registered in Canada, Belco is an exempt market dealer which acts as an enabler for securities distributions to your own investor base. With a unique and specialized business model, Belco is the perfect partner for dealers and issuers to successfully meet the regulatory requirements of the exempt market.

For Dealers

Welcome to our exempt market dealer platform, which supports you every step of the way in meeting your registration and regulatory needs. Ensure you are compliant and let our qualified professionals guide you on your sales activities. Join our network, and Belco will sponsor, train and support you on available prospectus exemptions and compliance obligations, which will allow you to function exclusively for your business.

For Issuers

Belco offers a dedicated compliance platform to issuers of securities in the exempt market by allowing you to leverage your own network while our experienced and trusted team supports you in meeting your securities and regulatory requirements. Belco and its trusted team of specialized professionals manage the dynamic regulatory landscape for you while you concentrate on your core business.